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Who are we  ?

Since the day we were founded, we have moved to the future with reliable steps.
We have maintained our faith, enthusiasm and determination from day one.
We look back with pride to what we have achieved and in this we have followed the following principles; honesty, product and service quality, timely delivery, respect, trust, social responsibility and teamwork. The recommendations of our customers and partners are the most valuable result for our company.
Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality and economical solutions by synthesizing technology, aesthetics, modernization and functionality.
Although our company was founded in the past year, it has an experienced team and over 15 years of experience in this sector. Young and dynamic structure combined with experience.

Our mission;

  • With talent and the capacity of our company, we want to meet all our customers' product and service expectations according to worldwide standards. In addition, we want to increase the satisfaction of our customers and employees.
  • We want to achieve our goals in harmony with the environment and nature. Certainly also taking into account the institutions and individuals with whom we are in contact.
  • Contributing to the economy of the world, the country and the region.
  • To be an entrepreneur by taking important roles in the development of our business areas with our existing and new products. Contributing to global developments in the advertising industry.
  • Respect commercial, moral and legal rules in accordance with our vision. Continuously improve our contributions to customers and employees and be a dynamic organization.
  • Have reliable, honest, stable, innovative, fast and flexible working principles.
Our vision;

  • Long-term observation and meeting the expectations of our customers.
  • Constantly develop and perform better.
  • Analyzing the problems together and sharing the performance together. Meeting the expectations of our teammates.
  • Open to learning and development.
  • Provide customer-oriented, high-quality service.
  • Being sensitive to society and the environment in our work.

Our principles;

  • Customer focus
  • Cost / Benefit Approach
  • Continuous development
  • Open & amp; reliability
  • Responsibility
  • Quality


Burgerhoutsestraat 163A
4702 BD  Roosendaal

Tel: +31613567389
Tel: +31850470575
Email: info@uws-bv.com
Website: www.uws-bv.com



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