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Privacy Policy UWS-B.V United Web Service.

We at UWS-B.V would like to thank you for the trust you place in us by using our websites and we will not hurt this. We have the responsibility to protect your privacy as well as possible.

This privacy policy applies to the services of UWS-B.V and its websites. UWS-B.V is not responsible for the privacy policy of other sites and sources. By using this website you accept the privacy policy.

UWS-B.V respects the privacy of all users of its websites and ensures that the personal information you give us is treated confidentially and stored securely.

What information do we collect and how is this stored?
UWS-B.V collects, stores and uses only that information which is deemed necessary to provide you with the best possible service and user experience on our websites. When you use one of our services, we ask you to provide personal information. This data is used to perform the services. The information provided is stored on the secure servers of and is handled confidentially.

Our goal is to protect your information, both in the context of the Internet and in all our other types of relationships. You are free to visit our sites, to obtain information about our services, to take note of the latest news or of our new services, without having to provide us with personal information. However, if you wish to perform actions on or via the sites, you will have to register as a Partner or client. Without your permission no personal information that you provide will be passed on to third parties (outside UWS.B.V, our affiliate sites and our marketing and / or database partners). We keep all data concerning your privacy up-to-date, according to (GDPR) European Privacy Rules. UWS.B.V does not collect or use information for purposes other than the purposes described in this Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Unless we have expressly requested your permission in advance and obtained either by Telephone or by Email.

Where does UWS-B.V use your data for.
To be able to execute the agreed agreement so that we can deliver the service you have selected.
Your data can also be used to send the newsletter or send other messages, eg via Email.
UWS.B.V does everything to improve the user experience of our website (s). The data is then also used for this purpose, as well as optimizing and securing the application process.
To process the quotes you have requested. Your data may then be used for verification and to try to get you in contact with up to 4 suppliers of the product or service that you have requested through our sites.

Our newsletter.
If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, you can unsubscribe via the link that you find below each newsletter or via the link in the websites.
It is possible that your data will be used to contact you for checking or to offer the other services of UWS.B.V to your company.

Third parties.
We follow the European Privacy Regulations (GDPR) and have appointed a Data Protection Manager who closely monitors the implementation of all GDPR rules within our company. The Data Protection Manager is the contact person for all questions or comments regarding data and privacy. You can reach our Data Protection Manager by emailing

By using our websites and accepting the General Terms and Conditions you consent to the storage and use of your data for the intended purpose. The partners affiliated with UWS.B.V are contractually bound to only use your data in order to submit a quotation or to contact you in connection with your request.

There is a possibility that UWS.B.V may be asked, based on applicable laws and regulations, to provide data to bodies such as the Justice and other investigative services in the interest of an ongoing investigation. UWS.B.V will only provide personal information if we are legally obliged to do so.

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