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Which services does UWS B.V. provide?

Leads and Quotation Sales;

Due to the negative experiences with various Leads sites and bad companies, we decided to sell leads at the start of our company. The demand for affordable Leads has also led us to realize it completely differently. We strive to offer you as a partner good / reasonable opportunities through our websites to grow your sales and business.
Through our websites we enable you to register your company for free via New Customers on the Info Partners page. Running your own business takes a lot of time, time that we save for you by doing part of the marketing for you. Many companies do not have the time or knowledge to do this in addition to the other activities. We select the right quotation requests based on the specializations and link these to your services / products. We have a flexible and creative team. Our motto is "Working Together is Growing Together" an aspiration of us we are only satisfied if you are!

Web design and Optimization;

Research shows that many websites are not tracked or need updating, that is also the case with social media while this is important, it is in fact your online business card and you can cost customers.
Earning money that everyone wants, but with us everything is not about money. We want to offer suitable, affordable services to our customers. Time and knowledge is often a problem for companies and certainly for the freelancer.
You can choose from standard packages that we have put together for you money that you provide text, photos and all information and any documents that you want on your website.

Do you have other wishes?

First of all, we analyze your company very well, measure your expectations, goals you want to achieve and we take action.

After consultation about the wishes and thoughts that have been conducted with the customer. We transfer our creativity skills and experiences to projects that are planned during the web design service process.

General concept design and determination of sub-page positions, code development, design of a code structure, harmonization of design, data entry, tests, transition to publication, shortcoming or responsibility for errors are passed on.

To ensure that all these stages work well, the collaboration between the UWS web design agency and the customer is taken as the basis.

The construction and maintenance of the website will again be incomplete if the awareness of the intended visitors is not guaranteed. In this section, internet advertising in particular must be activated. Search engines require high-level efforts. To ensure that the content and architecture designed in a friendly (SEO) structure can achieve good positions with natural results. UWS does not guarantee positioning, even though this has been successful in this section.
Optimization through 4 services;
• Performance marketing
• Brand marketing
• Performance advice

Marketing & Advertising;

A brand is a relationship: between people, their vision of the world, their dreams, and a product, a service, an image, a message. People seek relationships with brands that inspire them. Brands that express a coherent and convincing idea: an implicit or explicit meaning, an important or valuable quality, a goal. And goal comes when you know that you have done something that you believe is important - for others, for society and for yourself.
People can only be inspired by someone they know, they believe and trust. Therefore, to establish a meaningful connection between your company, your brand and all these people, we always start by uncovering who you really are.
What was or is your ambition on the first day?
Convince yourself that you always had something special to offer. Give you the energy to push boundaries, the ambition to challenge conventional thinking and bravery to develop products and services that can change the world. UWS makes this possible for you !!
To publish your brand in the right location / place for a reasonable price, we have a number of services that we can offer;
• Advertising campaign on the city intercity buses
• Advertising campaign on the trams / metro
• Bilboard at stations, airports and along the roads
• Audio campaign

Webshop & Web advertising;

UWS B.V. also owns webshops, where different products are launched on the market. As a webshop company, we continue our efforts for the satisfaction of our customers. For this the webshop & web advertising department works with expert team members. Our products are stored in our own warehouse.
When we decided to create an advertising site, we have the cooperation benefits for the advertisers in this sector. Advertisements with real estate, vehicles, services, construction machinery and industry, personal advertising site, all second-hand goods, these are a brief overview of the branches that we have included in our site jesbuyandsell.com. We started this project to offer our users new opportunities to sell their products through an affordable website.

Have you used one of our services?

Then we kindly ask you to give your opinion about our services via the social media channels on the social media page or other links on the website. This way we can be of even better service next time. We are open to improving our services and criticism, it can always be improved. You can of course also call or email us.

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